Top 10 Best Medical Technologies Of 2019

The technological advancements in the pharmaceutical industries and healthcare sectors have saved and improved the lives of millions of people. Here comes the list of 10 best medical technologies that are going to rule the medical field in the year, 2019.

1.    Telehealth: The digitally led service allows the patients to are residing in remote places to get an instant diagnosis by virtually speaking with the physicians through personalized mobile apps.

2.    Artificial organs: Bio-printing has given way to the scientists to come up with fake blood vessels, artificial pancreas, and ovaries which can successfully replace the faulty ones inside the human body.

3.    Wearables: Wearables like a fitness band and other mobile fitness apps are there to count the steps, calculate calories, monitor heartbeat and sleeping patterns.

4.    3-D Printing: The hottest medical technology can be used to magically create bones and implants of specific dimensions are helpful during surgeries.

5.    Brain sensors: The wireless sensors are kept inside the brain to monitor the temperature and the pressure within. The sensors are capable of dissolving themselves.

6.    Smart inhalers: As mentioned in the site mymeditravel, the quick inhalers are Bluetooth enabled and are explicitly designed for asthma patients. The device attached to the inhaler sends the dosage information, which includes level and time of administration to the patient’s smartphone.

7.    Robotic surgery: The procedure is quick, flexible and less invasive. It aims at assisting the surgeons during the operation and has the potential to enhance the work of the surgeons shortly.

8.    Needle-free diabetes care: The biosensor comprises patches that can read the blood straight under the skin without drawing even a single drop of blood.

9.    Electronic Health Records (EHR): EHR tools aim at integrating the patients’ health records into their mobile health apps. Thus, the patients will be able to view their healthcare records from multiple providers in a single platform.

10.    Blockchain: The rapidly developing blockchain technology eliminates intermediaries and provides transparency. It helps to reduce healthcare expenses appreciably.…

The Ultimate Guide: Helping Kids Addicted to Technology

Parents welcome the latest gadgets, smartphones into their home as they are quite helpful in many ways. However, without proper parameters set, technology will soon to be a nightmare rather than a blessing.  The kids nowadays spend more than 6 hours on the phone and are addicted to it.

To take firm decision to de-addict the children from excessive use of technology, the first thing the parents should do is to sit down with the children and talk about it.  Involving the children in decision making will make them more accountable and responsible.  The kids will take more ownership of the decision and sticks to the plan. As the kids know about technology so well, they will have better ideas to help the family in taking the right decision regarding screen schedule.

 They would have certainly come across other children who are addicted to games and social media. They could use this wisdom to come up with a strategy that will help in dealing with the media screens in their house.  Together with children, plan out a schedule and discuss the below-mentioned points with children to help in de-addiction.

Rules to follow

•    The charging zone should be kept downstairs so that the children do not take the device along with them to the bed.

•    Make them engaged in other activities like board games and other creative games so that they will be occupied for some time.  Various sites can guide you in choosing the toys and games for the children.  I get all my toy reviews from here.

•    There should be internet time out scheduled wherein the wi-fi connection of the house should be switched off.

•    There should be screen-free days and this day could be used for the family outing.

•    The screen time could be allowed only on weekends. …

Green Technology: What It Is & Its Benefits

Green technology aimed to protect the environment with the application of various green techniques, environmental monitoring and a lot more.  All these steps are carried out to take care of the situation and avoiding the ways of polluting the atmosphere at a significant level.  Pollution becomes a substantial threat to the survival of humankind as well as other living organisms.

The green technology employed to a greater extent to rectify the damages caused all through these years and targeted to balance the ecosystem.  This clean technology is not a recent phenomenon, and it already exists in the past few decades before.  However, it came into the limelight only in the last years.  It focuses on the maintenance of a healthy environment and to make it stay alive for the upcoming generations too.

The following are the few benefits of Environmental technology;

•    The main focus is to ensure in controlling the carbon emission from a lot of industries, automobile sectors, and other agents.  Instead of using petrol and diesel vehicles, electric vehicles are innovated to avoid environmental deterioration.

•    Planting more number of trees with the intention to control carbon dioxide in the atmospheric air helps in purifying the polluted air.  Increase in many trees ensures fresh air and environment.

•    Much other recycling technology employed in the treatment of solid wastes and wastewater provides better treating condition of sewage. Thus, recycling of waste material is beneficial to the environment and offers better waste management and monitoring.

•    Conservation of energy is also one of the reasons for gaining the importance of green technology.  Most of the fossil fuels are exploited, and if this continues as such, there will be a gradual decrease in fossil fuels.  To protect fossil fuels and to ensure less consumption, much energy generating technology is innovated, and few others are still under the research.

•    Making use of renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower will help to protect and maintain a healthy environment.  Renewable resources are good sources which are never depleted.  Thus upcoming younger generation can make use of these renewable resources without harming the planet.

•    Most significantly the green technology has no adverse effects on the environment, and hence it is considered more vital in protecting the earth.  Most of the we Kratom products are produced naturally, and it employed green technology in manufacturing those products.…

Seven Of The Coolest High-tech Beauty Gadgets You Need In Your Routine

Technology has spread its wings everywhere and skin-care is not left out either. Gone are the days when you either had to visit a spa or try some home care routine to enhance your beauty. With the upgrades in technology find below some of the ultra-cool gadgets that will uplift your looks and spirits!

  • Light therapy which was once considered an elite treatment is becoming an affordable product. LED facials are getting more popular. The blue light emissions from these facials reduce acne, skin wrinkles and make your skin taut and firm.
  • Cleansing brush – a gadget which can function at 15 hertz, helps in removing unwanted skin cells. It opens the pores enabling the removal of dirt and encouraging the growth of healthy cells on the skin giving the radiance to your skin.
  • ReFa Carat- one of the coolest products which give you a spa-like experience. The 360-degree design helps in improving blood circulation and enhances the firmness of the skin. The plus point of the product is its solar-powered making which results in a hassle-free experience for you.
  • Collagen boosting Derma roller – The microneedles in this gadget gently pricks the surface of your skin thereby making effective the production of collagen in your skin. The microneedles also help in sending in oil or serum deep into your skin replenishing your face.
  • Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush –Though it might look pretty much like your regular brush, this product uses heat to bring down the fizziness of your hair and straightens it without causing damage to your lovely curls.
  • Clarisonic cleaning brush – this kit helps in removing the foundation and eye shadow. It also has an additional head which is helpful in applying make-up.
  • T3 source handheld shower – is really helpful in retaining the unnecessary dirt and pollutants in the water and helps your hair maintain that shine and luster.     

Find more from ApexHealthAndCare about the importance of maintaining your beauty regimen. …

How to Make Money with Bitcoin: 10 Top Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are of many kinds the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that exists since the origin of the crypto world. It has always been the talk of the town and easiest way to acquire wealth. Are there any sure steps through which one can make money with the help of Bitcoin? Well, listed below are some ways through which one can make it big in the world of cryptocurrency.

  • Buying Bitcoin using the crypto trading platform or in other words, invest in the crypto market. The profit depends on the hours of work that you have spent researching on how well it works.
  • Mining or cloud mining is another great platform where you can let your money grow. Again a bit of homework is required if you want to get some profit on a regular basis.
  • Buying or selling it through the blockchain method is yet another way of earning a profit in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Earning meager sum of money through faucets is becoming popular these days. It’s nothing but getting some amount of bitcoin by clicking on sponsored websites.
  • Owning your own faucet is also possible which means owning a website through which you get your bitcoin.
  • Day trading of bitcoins is also possible which is similar to the share market which gives earnings on a daily basis.
  • Arbitrage is an appealing way of earning bitcoins. Buying low and selling high is the highlight of this kind.
  • Write for blogs which promote the cryptocurrency market and earn your share.
  • Lending platforms too are popular nowadays where the bitcoins are given for lending on a peer-to-peer basis.
  • Through affiliate programs when you get a customer into the bitcoin market you get your share of bitcoin.

These are some of the ways in which you can earn your fair share of the new currency of the world. …

Here’s What You Need To Know To Build A Smart Home

In a world with population explosion and real estate value hitting sky high, space and effective utilization are of the essence. Thus, building a home that caters to all your needs but at the same keeping in mind, the general constrictions calls for smart home constructions.

Today, many automated smart solutions are available that can ease your home living. Right from simple solutions such as a digital assistant that can track your needs or play music too complicated remedies such as automated lighting, electronic kitchen appliances and more, options are in plenty. However, choosing the right one that fits your needs may be confusing.

Here are a few things that top the list when it comes to building a smart home.

Question #1: To get a Smart Speaker or a Smart Hub

•    Smart Speaker: This will help you link to all the smart home accessories available at your home with simple voice control technique with ease.

•    Smart Hub: With many smart appliances, getting an intelligent hub is a great idea to enable easy integration of all the accessories with just a click from a smart app.

Question #2: Devices to buy

For Security

•    Smart Locks: Safety first always and with this regard, it is wise to get a few smart locks that can be unlocked with individual access codes or biometrics.

•    Smart Security Cameras: If you can splurge a bit more, then installing smart security cameras around your home will help you monitor everything that moves and otherwise at your house at ease.

Internal Fittings

•    Smart Lightings: This is a must-have. Easy on installation, bright lights such as bright bulbs is a great way to turn ON/OFF electrical appliances, save electricity and reduce power consumption.

•    Smart Thermostats: There is no better way to make your home comfortable by using an intelligent thermostat. It also saves money in the long run because of the smart consumption of power.

Kitchen Friends

•    Smart Coffee Makers: There is nothing more energizing than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to most of them. A smart coffee maker can make your day in no time.

•    Smart Kitchen Devices: Apart from your daily coffee, technology can help you make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable with devices like smart stoves, smart refrigerators, and smart chimney, and more.

For Smart Bathrooms

•    Smart Bathroom Accessories: Agree or not, everyone loves a smart bathroom that is fitted with speaker showers, smart mirrors, smart cabinets, smart toothbrushes, and more.


•    Robotic Vacuums: Manual cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming are tiresome. Switch to automated cleaning robots that will clean the floor under your feet and the dust above head in no time.

This is just the cream under a very tall glass of chocolate frappe. To have a feel of more of these, check out YourSmartHomeGuide, a one-stop-portal where you should spend some time to know what is new yet smart in the market.…

Five Ways Social Media Has Changed How We Dress

Gone are the days when one dressed to please oneself or at the most for the pleasure of a loved one. In this social media rife lives of today, people are living, eating, exercising and dressing for a mass audience who sadly can make you or mar you. You can become an Instagram baddie or disappear into the doldrums of depression because of your lack of followers and likes. If you are not convinced read on to know how social media has transformed the dressing sense of its followers and users.

  1. The greatest sacrilege is to repeat outfits: If you are on the GRAM then you just cannot afford to repeat an outfit; what will your followers think? As a result, there is a constant need to search for new clothes to wear and new clothes to buy to wear.
  2. For whom do you dress:  It is no more for yourself that you dress but for countless faces of which man you don’t even know. It has, sadly, become very important for those on social media to confirm to unsaid standards of dressing and appearing good.
  3. Clones of each other:  In a pathetic attempt to appear different a majority of the crowd on social media end being clones of each other. The hairstyles, the dresses, the makeup, the poses, and even the locales are so similar and alike that at times it is hard to differentiate between two posts!
  4. Shopping for clothes you might never wear: We always choose clothes based on our comfort level and personality but social media with its umpteen filters’ present goods in such perfect pictures that you get conned into purchasing them only to realize their worth once you get them. If you really want quality stuff to visit luxtime.
  5. Loss of self-confidence:  Finally, if a dress doesn’t get enough likes and comments, even if you like it you give it up; this leads to a lack of confidence in your choices and likes.

5 Ways the Drug Screening Process Has Improved

Both employers and employees are more relaxed with drug testing these days because of the advancement in the technology used for testing. They are reassured that the results are more accurate and fewer incidents of false negative and false positives cases. Here are 5 ways in drug testing has changed significantly.

  1. No more paper forms: It is extremely simple to schedule a drug test with the touch of a button. Just by clicking the address of a candidate you can select a drug testing center close to that address and also indicate the kind of test needed. The candidate, in turn, will be informed by email.
  2. Can’t stall for time: Since the appointment is scheduled electronically employers can also enforce the rule that the employees report for test within 48 hours of the test. This way they can ensure that prospective employees do not stall for time to get rid of the traces of drug use. But for such instances, there are detox drinks that can aid users to get rid of all trace of drugs from their bodies. Check out ouchClub for more details.
  3. On-site testing:  Now there is technology available which allows for specimen collection and testing onsite. This is beneficial as it provides results within minutes. Previously there was a chance of specimens being lost during transit or wrongly labeled. Of course, even now positive tests are taken to laboratories for reconfirmation.
  4. Anytime access to test results:  Now employers can keep track of how many of their candidates completed the tests and how many are clear in real time without having to rely on cumbersome manually tabulated spreadsheets.
  5. No more dependency on urine samples: It is now possible to screen for substance use from fingerprints which incidentally cannot be faked.

Technology is being used by companies to make drug testing more error-free even as offenders are using the same technology to find loopholes to escape detection.…

How to Track Your Workouts For Maximum Gains

Most of the people who start their workout regime do not keep track of their progress. If you don’t track your progress, you will not know whether you are over-training, when to increase the weights you are training on, diet changes, etc.  It does not take much time to keep track of your workout regime. Below mentioned are different ways you could adapt to keep a track of your workout. Also meanwhile, you could ASK MARY RD to answer all your queries related to a fitness regime.

Keep a log and update it- It is very much important to keep a log as you won’t be able to remember all the calories you took in a week or the exercises you did each day. If you keep the log you will know which training programs and diet works for you. Also, you need to keep updating the log whenever there is a change in the training program.

Record your weight- Every household will have a weighing scale. It is the most convenient and easiest way to keep track of your weight. When you are continuously losing weight, you can be assured that you are losing the fat. But you will face a problem when you have to determine the muscle gain. You won’t know if you are actually gaining muscle or fat just by looking at the weighing scale. Still, it is a good idea to keep track of the weight in the log.

Body fat composition- For most people, the ideal body fat composition should be 7% to 9% and if you are into serious bodybuilding it should be 4% to 6%.  You should know about your body fat composition and keep a track of it in order to check if you are gaining the muscles and not the fat. It also helps in planning out your workout sessions.  …