5 Ways the Drug Screening Process Has Improved

Both employers and employees are more relaxed with drug testing these days because of the advancement in the technology used for testing. They are reassured that the results are more accurate and fewer incidents of false negative and false positives cases. Here are 5 ways in drug testing has changed significantly.

  1. No more paper forms: It is extremely simple to schedule a drug test with the touch of a button. Just by clicking the address of a candidate you can select a drug testing center close to that address and also indicate the kind of test needed. The candidate, in turn, will be informed by email.
  2. Can’t stall for time: Since the appointment is scheduled electronically employers can also enforce the rule that the employees report for test within 48 hours of the test. This way they can ensure that prospective employees do not stall for time to get rid of the traces of drug use. But for such instances, there are detox drinks that can aid users to get rid of all trace of drugs from their bodies. Check out ouchClub for more details.
  3. On-site testing:  Now there is technology available which allows for specimen collection and testing onsite. This is beneficial as it provides results within minutes. Previously there was a chance of specimens being lost during transit or wrongly labeled. Of course, even now positive tests are taken to laboratories for reconfirmation.
  4. Anytime access to test results:  Now employers can keep track of how many of their candidates completed the tests and how many are clear in real time without having to rely on cumbersome manually tabulated spreadsheets.
  5. No more dependency on urine samples: It is now possible to screen for substance use from fingerprints which incidentally cannot be faked.

Technology is being used by companies to make drug testing more error-free even as offenders are using the same technology to find loopholes to escape detection.