How to Track Your Workouts For Maximum Gains

Most of the people who start their workout regime do not keep track of their progress. If you don’t track your progress, you will not know whether you are over-training, when to increase the weights you are training on, diet changes, etc.  It does not take much time to keep track of your workout regime. Below mentioned are different ways you could adapt to keep a track of your workout. Also meanwhile, you could ASK MARY RD to answer all your queries related to a fitness regime.

Keep a log and update it- It is very much important to keep a log as you won’t be able to remember all the calories you took in a week or the exercises you did each day. If you keep the log you will know which training programs and diet works for you. Also, you need to keep updating the log whenever there is a change in the training program.

Record your weight- Every household will have a weighing scale. It is the most convenient and easiest way to keep track of your weight. When you are continuously losing weight, you can be assured that you are losing the fat. But you will face a problem when you have to determine the muscle gain. You won’t know if you are actually gaining muscle or fat just by looking at the weighing scale. Still, it is a good idea to keep track of the weight in the log.

Body fat composition- For most people, the ideal body fat composition should be 7% to 9% and if you are into serious bodybuilding it should be 4% to 6%.  You should know about your body fat composition and keep a track of it in order to check if you are gaining the muscles and not the fat. It also helps in planning out your workout sessions.  …