Five Ways Social Media Has Changed How We Dress

Gone are the days when one dressed to please oneself or at the most for the pleasure of a loved one. In this social media rife lives of today, people are living, eating, exercising and dressing for a mass audience who sadly can make you or mar you. You can become an Instagram baddie or disappear into the doldrums of depression because of your lack of followers and likes. If you are not convinced read on to know how social media has transformed the dressing sense of its followers and users.

  1. The greatest sacrilege is to repeat outfits: If you are on the GRAM then you just cannot afford to repeat an outfit; what will your followers think? As a result, there is a constant need to search for new clothes to wear and new clothes to buy to wear.
  2. For whom do you dress:  It is no more for yourself that you dress but for countless faces of which man you don’t even know. It has, sadly, become very important for those on social media to confirm to unsaid standards of dressing and appearing good.
  3. Clones of each other:  In a pathetic attempt to appear different a majority of the crowd on social media end being clones of each other. The hairstyles, the dresses, the makeup, the poses, and even the locales are so similar and alike that at times it is hard to differentiate between two posts!
  4. Shopping for clothes you might never wear: We always choose clothes based on our comfort level and personality but social media with its umpteen filters’ present goods in such perfect pictures that you get conned into purchasing them only to realize their worth once you get them. If you really want quality stuff to visit luxtime.
  5. Loss of self-confidence:  Finally, if a dress doesn’t get enough likes and comments, even if you like it you give it up; this leads to a lack of confidence in your choices and likes.